First Best in Show Winner
Advanced Division Interpretive
"Rainy Marsh" stylized Heron
         2009  Ward World Championship..
          Ocean City, Maryland, USA
"Green Awakening"
White Bearded Manakins
and Emerald Tree Boa
World Lifesize Wildfowl Entry
"Green Awakening"....UP CLOSE photos
World Lifesize Wildfowl Entry

                                              "Green Awakening"

South American White Bearded Manakins (3 males) &  Emerald Tree Boa

My inspiration for this piece is a desire to bring awareness to the importance
of "going green"...preserving the rainforests and other natural places in the
world for future generations to enjoy....

The birds, snake, gnarly root, leaves, and base are all carved from Tupelo Gum
wood....the vines and stems are fashioned from tubular brass for strength...
all hand painted with acrylic gouache and detailed in oils...

I used hues of green throughout the piece with focus on the roosting manakins
being awakened by an invading predator...an Emerald Tree Boa......the boa's tail,
dropping down thru the morphed Philodendron vines, awakens the first bird...its
scream  awakens the second bird, head cocked slightly, looking up, with one eye
open, also seeing the invader's tail....the third bird, still asleep, is a split second
away from peril....unaware of the impending danger...as we seem to be today
when it comes to our ecology and wasteful use of our earth's resources...

I carved the base to represent  the ruins of ancient civilizations throughout South
America that were wiped out for many reasons....some of which we'll never know..
..yet these birds and snakes have existed together in an ecology that outlasted
mankind in their environment, all natural and unaffected by wasteful clear cutting
of the rainforests, erosion, global warming,  greenhouse gases, illegal trapping and
sales of wild birds and animals, and corrupt governments who care little about the
preservation of our planet.

It is this Artist's opinion that unless we acknowledge our current ecological crises
and do as much as we can to go "green", finding alternate energy sources and
doing everything we can to save and replenish what we have on our planet for
our future generations.....that we will be held accountable, living as these creatures
in my sculpture, amid the ruins of civilizations gone by, existing only to face certain
doom.......just like the little sleeping manakin.

                                                                                       Joseph Horn, artist