I use extensive reference material in
each piece I addition to being
inspired by seeing birds in their
natural environment...reference
material is one of the most important
aspects in this type of artform....I
maintain reference files for each bird I are an absolute must,
in addition to digital close-ups  and
research involving everything from
anatomy to habitat...I strive to create
natural occurrence, interaction  and
drama in the display of the birds..
Artist at work...
My patterns are all original,
created from  reference material
assembled..I use tupelo wood for the
bird and shape with a knife to
have more control over the shaping
process... I carefully cut in details,
feather groups, etc...then I texture
and burn the surfaces to emulate
feathers...I paint in oils...painting
is the most painstaking part of the
process...I sometimes spend many
weeks, off and on, painting an
owl..there are no shortcuts in this
"Crowded Crows" award winning, interpretive,  championship
piece...from the rough block of tupelo wood to the finished piece...
Common Barn
progress...many hours of painting
Painting sequence for a Purple Throated Mountain Gem Hummingbird, a
female....very important to use as much reference material as,
etc....notice how the finished bird in the photo above , looks almost as real as the
photo of the live bird in the background!   Applying the paint is an extremely
tedious process that requires a lot of time...there are not shortcuts in this